Ordinary chance

Final project for New York Film Academy. A shy guy named Rob who sees the girl of his dreams in the subway and, by breaking his obsessive daily routine, he’s ready to overcome his shyness and talk to her. But she’s nowhere to be found.

The meaning of life lies in the pathetic intention of trying to capture a moment

An introverted, awkward 18-year-old photographer embarks upon a journey with his friend trying to capture the perfect moment but, instead of capturing people, he sees bunny-masked people.


First Assistant Camera for Peter Leung and his film 'Michael', an exploration of existentialism from the viewpoint of the homonymous character. Picking up themes from the book L'Étranger of Albert Camus.

Dad from long ago

Exercise: Bring a short film to life using an existing dialogue. Create the characters, backstory and the situation. 


Exercise: No cuts or edits permitted. Music/sound was done live with a DJ app for iPad. (And yes, I'm the one "dancing").

Memory and Forgetfulness

Story of a refugee survivor and his memories of the past.

The Albanian Godfather

A man has a meeting with a stranger and is faced with an impossible choice. Part of the Continuity exercise for NYFA.

Magnetix Stop-Motion(s)

A trilogy of Stop Motions that I started in school with friends. The final one was a third prize winner in the Youtube-Hyundai Musical Short Contest.