City Lines (2012-2017)

Series of photographs of the architecture of cities and buildings and how they interact with the people and environment around them.



This series came by a “mistake”, the 35mm roll was already exposed so I got duplicate images. The results were insanely surprising, a mix of two photographers and two countries (Argentina and Brazil), but extremely connected, like it was done on purpose. (2016 and 2018).


Series of photographs of the strange geometry of stairs.

If seen with a different perspective, stairs can create some beautiful and sometimes unrecognizable patterns. Most of this pictures were taken in Barcelona, city of Gaudí. Another one was taken from a Le Corbusier house. 2012-2017.


Colored Night, B&W Day - Series

Series of pictures on the beach in Brazil. All chromatic photos were taken at night with the moonlight, while all the monochromatic photos were taken during the day. 2016.


Charm & Gloom of Skansen - Series

When I travelled to Scandinavia in 2015, I was intrigued and, rather, surprised by the cleanness and emptiness of some of the open areas.  But no place called my attention like the Skansen open-air museum. With a vast area open to the public, but with some of the attractions closed because of the cold season, it had a bleak atmosphere. If someone told me that the park receives more than 1.3 visitors each year, I wouldn't believe it at the time. The scenery is gloomy and sad. But even with that, I wouldn't say it was apocalyptic, because the buildings were well preserved and everything else was tidy and organized, even with some pile of leaves on the ground, giving a unique charm to the place. (Sweden, October 2015).